Breast enlargement

A woman’s breast plays a significant role in her self confidence and awareness of her own body. Women with small breasts often suffer from psychological problems, as a result their well-being is disturbed. A breast enlargement can bring back new self confidence. This surgery works with breast implants in various sizes and forms in order to find an implant that matches well with the outward appearence.

Outlined parts of breast which need plastic correction

Breast reduction


Large breasts not only cause aesthetic but also physical problems. They can induce postural defects around the spinal area. In addition to that large frequently suffer from discomfort from bra straps that cut into the skin and skin problems in the fold below the breast. With the help of a breast reduction these physical consequences can be avoided due to the signicant weight loss in the area. On top of that the breast can be shaped aesthatically.


In the course of the time, after severe weight loss or a pregnancy it can happen that the glandular tissue of the female breast forms back itself. The consequence: The breast suffers from a loss of elasticity as well as tightness, becomes smaller and starts to hang. A breastlifting can help to lift the breast and put it into the desired shape. Therefore excess skin needs to be removed. Subsequently the breast is newly formed and put into anatomical correct shape. Thus the breast appears larger and fuller – without implants.


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